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Dear people

We hope you and your loved ones are safe and have been faring as well as possible under this extraordinarily difficult circumstances we all face at this moment with the coronavirus.

Wemeetz have decided to suspend all in-person public programs and events across all our offline locations.

While the wemeetz (Offline) locations and live events are closed,
Our team will be working from home . All our online activity's will go on.

We thank you for your flexibility and understanding as we work through this unprecedented situation.

Stay safe, and be well.

Management Wemeetz

Wemeetz is all about us

Many of us are travelling a lot and attending conferences everywhere. Staying in different hotels. We sometimes, somewhere would like to meet other people and make new contacts in addition to our business trips.

But what should you do with your spare time? Let´s use it wisely. Spend your spare time well by building new networking contacts.

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The one network app where your data is safe.

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Online and offline

An easy way to find and meet new business people when we are abroad , for work but also in our own local area, with whom we can do business, to share experience, success, ideas.
Meet new people Anywhere Anytime … Let´s Wemeetz

Charles Dickson
Founder Wemeetz

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