The Online and Offline meeting place for your business

Wemeetz is all about us

We some times would like to meet other people and make new contacts. Whether we are at home, on holiday or on a business trip. Share your talents, interests or business to connect with others. Together we grow!

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The one network app where your data is safe.

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Online and offline

An easy way to find and meet new business people when we are abroad , for work but also in our own local area, with whom we can do business, to share experience, success, ideas.
Meet new people Anywhere Anytime … Let´s Wemeetz

Charles Dickson
Founder Wemeetz

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Wemeetz Live Events


Offline Events

Events in different cities across the Globe

Live events for Countries:

  • Choose a theme
  • Culture and Arts
  • Engage with the public
  • Tourism and Business

From country to people and from people to country.

Live events for Companies:

  • Promote Business and Products
  • Exposure
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Business Expansion
  • Publicity and Demand

Online Events

Reach millions of people.

All offline events can be streamed live on our website and social media, to reach millions of people. We can also create a forum to engage and interact with the public and we will provide a creative way to inform the public about your products.

With all our online and offline events we use virtual reality and AI, to create a wonderful experience. We work with different partners around the world.


Business to Business

For expansion and growth

Wemeetz matches your business with a business that meets your requests. We focus on the needs and desires of the company and help companies with expansion and growth in different continents.

We stimulate companies to do business with each other, share expertise, innovations, increase productivity and profits. We also provide the opportunity to implement AI and virtual reality in your business.

Business to Consumer

To create awareness and engagement

Wemeetz can also help to introduce your company to consumers. We create awareness and engagement for your business with the consumer. We help the consumer to feel, touch and experience your company and products. For business to consumer also check out the possibilities for live online and offline events.

Are you interested in expanding your business? Contact Wemeetz to find out all the possibilities. Your needs are within hours of our reach!